10.000 hours to perfection

Last week I posted about the six steps for artists to get discovered by a wide audience and/or music professionals. One of the main points I made was that it always takes a LONG time before any artist experiences any kind of breakthrough. Even if it appears to the public as being overnight. In that same post I wanted to tell something about Malcolm Gladwell’s 10.000 hour rule . In short: it takes a person at least 10.000 hours to master a skill or talent to perfection.

Eventually I left this theory out of the story because it’s equally criticized as loved. Obviously simply repeating a task for 10.000 hours doesn’t make you a master at it. I could still be rocking my Marshall JCM800 amp on max. volume as I did ten years ago. That still wouldn’t have made me anything close to the musicians I admire. On the other hand if MUSIC is my thing, then it sure took me 10.000 hours to find my place as the music startup entrepreneur I’ve finally become.

So why write about the 10.000-hour rule now?

macklemore_gold_349145The other day I decided to check out the full Macklemore and Ryan Lewis album. Their opening track TEN THOUSAND HOURS exactly covers what I want to say to artists about getting discovered. It’s about believing and investing in yourself to become the best you can possibly be.

Instead of reading, listen to Macklemore tell his story:

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