Songflow is in liquidation


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It has become clear that continuing to operate Songflow, while at the same time offering a top tier service, is becoming commercially and operationally unattainable. Technological advancements require constant investments, while our flat-fee business model demands massive scale. After researching every other available option, we’ve decided there’s no better solution than to gracefully end our services.



Closing down announcement 

Downloading and taking down content 

Reminder & Updates 

Final Settlement 




When is Songflow stopping?
The aim is to go offline early 2019.
To ensure we can meet such a deadline and still collect all the monies earned by your releases, we need to gradually limit your ability to use the Songflow platform. With this aim please be aware that:

11th September 2018: this is the last available date to distribute any new material to the digital music services through Songflow.
14th September 2018: this is the last available release date through Songflow.
1st November 2018: your music will be taken down and no longer be distributed by Songflow and disappear from the digital music services unless you have switched to a different distributor.





What will happen to my music?
All releases will be taken down as from 1st November 2018. If you want your music to remain live on the music services, you need to make sure to switch to a new distributor before that date!

How do I make sure my music stays online?
Approach another distribution party. Be aware that you need to upload all your content again and that you should upload the content through the other distributor before taking down your content from Songflow and in any case no later than 1st November 2018.

Your new distributor will help you through the switch process and let you know when it’s safe to take your content down from your Songflow Artist Profile.

Here are some alternative providers of distribution services. Check out their offers for distributing your catalogue! *


CD Baby


Record Union





Will I still be able to distribute a new release?
Until 11th September 2018 we will still accept new releases, with a final available release date of 14th September 2018. However, we strongly advise you to not upload new releases on Songflow and start looking for a new distributor.


If I don’t switch to another distributor, what will happen to my music? Will it be taken offline?
We will take down your music from the digital music services on 1st November 2018. This means that from 1st November 2018 we will no longer distribute your music to digital music services and we will not host your audio and cover art files on your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’. Your music will disappear from streaming services and digital download stores like Spotify and iTunes in the days after the takedown, unless you upload/distribute your music through a new distributor.


I don’t have my original audio file anymore! Will it be lost forever?
Once we perform the takedowns on 1st November 2018, your files will not be hosted by Songflow anymore. You can download your content by clicking the green download button in your Songflow artist profile. Please allow some time for the download to start.




How do I switch to another distributor?

Please contact your new distributor directly and they will explain what steps you will need to take to switch your music from your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’ to their platforms. Please note that most likely they will need you to provide them with the ISRC codes for your music.


What is an ISRC and where do I find it?
An ISRC is the ‘International Standard Recording Code’ for the identification of music and videos. You can find the ISRC on your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’. Open the release in question and expand the track(s) you want the ISRC of. The fourth line from the top shows the ISRC (between the ‘Featuring Artist’ and the ‘Track Language’). Example: NLPM11725661

Schermafdruk 2018-08-14 10.13.00 (1)








Will I need to transfer my UPC/EAN codes as well?

No. The UPC or EAN code (that identifies the entire release) is usable within Songflow distribution only. Your new distributor will provide you with a new UPC/EAN for every release you transfer. Trying to reuse the one you got from Songflow will cause an error.


Can I perform takedowns myself?
Yes. To help smooth the transition to another distributor, we are working on adding a feature for you to take down your own content from your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’. We will update you as soon as it’s ready.

NOTE: If you take down your content before uploading it with another distributor or digital music service, you may lose all the data connected to it, like streams and playlist entries.


Will I be able to keep my plays on Spotify?
Two things are important in order to keep your plays on Spotify:
Make sure you enter exactly the same information you uploaded on your ‘Artist Songflow Account’ for the relevant track when you upload the track with your new distributor. The title and artist name must be the same, but also other information like ‘Featuring Artists’ and ‘Version’ (such as ‘Live’, ‘Radio Edit’, ‘Remix’). Check this thoroughly in your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’.
Use the same ISRC for the tracks that are distributed via Songflow. When uploaded to Songflow, your track(s) were likely assigned an ISRC by Songflow (or you provided one yourself). See instructions above about how to find a ISRC code on your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’.

Please note: that Spotify and other digital music services can’t guarantee that you keep your plays. Again, your new distributor will help you through this process.









Will I get all the royalties I am owed?
You will be able to withdraw your royalties from your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’ until the date of final shutdown of Songflow in 2019 (we will communicate the exact date to you in advance!).

Since royalties are sent to us by the digital music services with three to six months delay, your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’ will remain accessible well into 2019 to make sure you can request full payment of any monies due to you. You can select ‘Withdrawal’ and receive your royalties as long as the amount is above 25 Euros.


I have paid for a whole year, or even longer. Will I be reimbursed for that?
Yes. after 1st November 2018 we will add the part of the fee related to the distribution period that we are not able to fulfill. We will add this to your ‘Balance’ and an invoice of the amount will be added to ‘My Sales’ on your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’. You can select ‘Withdrawal’ and receive your money inclusive of such partial reimbursements as long as the amount is above 25 Euros.


Can I still perform money ‘Withdrawals’?
Yes. We will update your ‘Balance’ on your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’ with monthly royalty payments and you can select ‘Withdrawal’ and receive your money as long as the amount is above 25 Euros.


I have some money due, but it is not enough for Withdrawal.
The amounts below 25 Euros will be handled as well. We will create an alternative method to handle such payments. Please keep an eye on your email and on the Songflow website for future communications about these payments.


I have already paid for distribution for a release that is scheduled for release in the near future. Is this a problem?
No. Your release has been already distributed to the digital music services you selected, even if it is not live yet. Migrating such already distributed releases to a new distribution party will be just as easy as for the rest of your music. We will handle the reimbursement like any other release that has been paid in full as explained above.


Will my ‘Drafts’ of releases get removed?
‘Drafts’ are releases that you have started to make in your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’ but have not been distributed yet. These will be removed from your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’ on 12th September 2018. Make sure to check if anything is in there that you need to download once the ‘download feature’ is available, or if you have in ‘Drafts’ releases that you thought were distributed already. When in doubt, please email


Can I get an overview of all my revenue?
We have updated ‘My Sales’ overview in your ‘Songflow Artist Profile’. You can now display your results during a selected time period in four ways: 1) per DSP (digital music service), 2) per country, 3) per release and 4) per track.


I won a sponsorship from Songflow. What will happen to this?
Please contact so that we can discuss the options.


I have a discount code that I won’t be using. Will I be reimbursed?
Please contact so that we can discuss the options.


I have another question. How do I reach you?
Email us at We will not be responding to social media (Facebook, Twitter) anymore, and are no longer reachable by phone.


* DISCLAIMER: Please note that you shall be solely responsible for the exploitation of your music or correspondence with a new distributor or any transactions completed with that distributor. For the avoidance of doubt, any contract entered into and any transaction completed with a distributor, is between you and such new distributor and not with Songflow. We recommend that you refer to your new distributor’s standard terms and conditions at all times.

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