CDs won’t preserve your music

A post by Thomas van Wijk, Songflow founder and CEO


That’s right. I’m going to say it: All CDs do is end up on in some storage box. Somewhere out of sight out of mind. Yesterday I had a meeting with Hoite Polkamp, marketing manager Netherlands @ Deezer. We talked about our passion for music, our past as avid CD collectors and how time and technology changed the way we consume and use music and how we can convince artists to step into the streaming / social music game with both feet.




Because music isn’t limited to one physical shape, product or delivery method. It never was and never will be. In the end it’s really just about the end result: soundwaves creating an experience in the ears of listeners based on a combination of sense, emotion, memory and ratio. Well not always that last criterium, but you get the idea.


If it doesn’t stream, it doesn’t exist


Shocking fact: My 4 year old son has never ever heard a single note played by The Beatles. Not because I don’t like them, or didn’t get Sgt. Pepper for my sixteenth birthday (and Abbey Road for my seventeenth). I did. The reality is that at home our CD’s lie in the attic. They were never restored to the living room, after our last move. Why would I? My connected devices streams all music to my stereo. The Beatles don’t stream, so for my son and even a bit for myself they don’t exist. Isn’t that sad? As the streaming market expands to more homes, families and devices, a part of our musical heritage will never reach the young kids. Keep this up for 20 years and The Beatles will be made obsolete for an entire generation.


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What can independent artists learn from this?


If you want to invest in printing CDs that you can hold in your hands and show off with, that’s fine. Maybe you can even sell some to fans at shows. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re investing in something lasting, something worth holding on to. All CD’s do is end up in a storage box. Most of them won’t even leave to box the factory supplied them in. You wouldn’t be the first artist to end up with hundredths of copies of their own album.


Release your music, reach listeners


If you’re serious about reaching listeners, focus on delivering the experience of your music, not the way it’s packaged. Nowadays this means mobile streaming and social music platforms. For a relatively tiny investment (USD 6 / EUR 5 p. year) Songflow delivers your content to the main music services in the world. So your audience can find you and make the connection.  Make sure your musical legacy lives on in the minds and hearts of people, not tossed away in dark storage boxes.

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